Time on My Hands After My Retirement? Not Really.

housePeople sometimes believe that when you retire, you have time on your hands and you don’t have much to do. I don’t know about other retirees, but for me, that is so far from the truth. I have quite a lot of things to do to occupy my time.

What do I do with the time that I used to spend on work? A lot, actually. I have quite a few hobbies, and these include “window shopping” online. I have also taken to redecorating and renovating the rooms of our home. I feel that most of what we have is outdated, and we are in need of a major redo of our home. That is why I have started selling some of the old stuff that we have (and throwing some of them away as well) to make room for the new, and better items that I have bought for the house.

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