The Joys of Having Foliage in Your Home


I am quite sure not that many people have the patience, time, or the love, for keeping plants in the home. Since I have time on my hands, and I do love greenery, I have a number of plants inside my home. Now, these plants are not just inside my house for the mere beautification of the place. These are there for my enjoyment, as well as for fresh air.

Yes, plants do bring me a lot of pleasure when I see them around my house, and the clean air is just a bonus. You can see plants in my bathroom, beside my chaise lounge, in the corner of a room beside the couch and even in my bedroom. My plants are everywhere.

Of course, having plants in your home is no walk in the park. There is a good reason why a lot of people opt to have plastic and fake plants inside their homes instead of real ones. The reason? Maintenance. In order for you to keep your plants looking as good as the day you first brought them into your home, you need to maintain these to keep them green, lush and healthy. In order for you to do that, there are a number of important things that you need to do every week and every day.

For starters, you need to water your plants daily. This can be very messy if you do not watch what you are doing since over watering your plants will only create mud and muddy water, which can dirty up your floor. Your plant can only drink so much, so be careful about how much water you give it daily. Just put in enough to dampen the soil it is in and you are good to go.

Another thing you need to remember is to give these plants sunlight. Now, this is the tricky part and one of the main reasons people do not love having greenery in their homes. If you do not have a large enough window where the sun streams through daily, then you will definitely need to lug each plantĀ outdoor for a few hours a few times every week to give it its dose of sunlight. It could be an additional beauty in If you do have a window (or windows, for that matter) that let the sunlight in, then by all means, simply line up your plants in front of this window to soak up the sun.

While this may seem rather labor intensive, you will thank me for this suggestion. Plants will liven your place up, give you fresh air, and make you feel refreshed just by the sight of them.


Is a Childless Life Boring? I Think Not.


When I first got married, people could not stop badgering me about having babies and hearing the pitter-patter of little feet around the house. When years went by and we did not get a visit from the stork, we went to a doctor to ask why. We found out that I could not conceive, that my uterus was abnormally shaped, making it virtually impossible for me to have kids.

Last month, I retired from work. People started asking me what I would do with all my free time. I simply smiled, and laughed inwardly at how close-minded some people can be. I love my friends, and am thankful for their concern, but I do know what to do with the free time I have, and I have been looking forward to retirement to be able to do all of these things whenever I want.

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