How Did I Live Without Online Shopping in the Past?

online shopping

This question keeps popping up every time I receive my delivered items at home. What did I ever do without online shopping? How did I ever survive without having the convenience of buying stuff online?

Okay, I admit, at my age (I am a retiree), you might think that this is an exaggeration – that those who cannot survive without these technological wonders (smartphones, tablets, GPS in cars, and the like) are those who were born into a world where these already existed. I was born way before any of these gadgets were even conceptualized, and have survived not having cable TV, the internet, or even FM radio when I was young. So, you might ask, why am I saying that I won’t survive nowadays without online shopping and home delivery?

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Is a Childless Life Boring? I Think Not.


When I first got married, people could not stop badgering me about having babies and hearing the pitter-patter of little feet around the house. When years went by and we did not get a visit from the stork, we went to a doctor to ask why. We found out that I could not conceive, that my uterus was abnormally shaped, making it virtually impossible for me to have kids.

Last month, I retired from work. People started asking me what I would do with all my free time. I simply smiled, and laughed inwardly at how close-minded some people can be. I love my friends, and am thankful for their concern, but I do know what to do with the free time I have, and I have been looking forward to retirement to be able to do all of these things whenever I want.

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Convenience of Buying Quality Living Room Furniture Online

sofaMy husband has been at my neck to buy a new sofa for our living room, and I admit, I have been dragging my heels about it. Who would want to go to a store selling living room furniture, choose a sofa, lug the heavy piece of furniture home, and drag it into the living room on their own? Sure, we can have it delivered, you say, but this usually comes at an extra cost. The umpteenth time my husband “reminded” me about this, I was on my computer. I then decided to check websites for the kind of sofa we should get.

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