How Did I Live Without Online Shopping in the Past?

online shopping

This question keeps popping up every time I receive my delivered items at home. What did I ever do without online shopping? How did I ever survive without having the convenience of buying stuff online?

Okay, I admit, at my age (I am a retiree), you might think that this is an exaggeration – that those who cannot survive without these technological wonders (smartphones, tablets, GPS in cars, and the like) are those who were born into a world where these already existed. I was born way before any of these gadgets were even conceptualized, and have survived not having cable TV, the internet, or even FM radio when I was young. So, you might ask, why am I saying that I won’t survive nowadays without online shopping and home delivery?

At my age (yes, I admit I am somewhat over the hill), having convenience at your fingertips is more of a blessing, than anything else. Your old bones won’t let you move around as fast, or as far, as you would like anymore. And driving to and from the store, to buy trivial items (I saw a vintage looking lamp online the other day, and it is being delivered in a day or two), that we don’t necessarily need can become quite a bother as well. The point I am getting at is, life is actually easier for me with online shopping, and if I had a choice, I would have loved to have had this convenience in the past.

Imagine the amount of free time you will have when you won’t have to drive to the store to get those light bulbs, extra seats, porch furniture, and the like, for your home. Imagine being able to buy gifts online, having these delivered to your home so you can add personal touches, and having these picked up for deliver without your having to budge from your abode. The time that this convenience would have saved could have given me enough time to write a best-selling novel, or could have given me the time to learn how to become a gourmet cook.

Whatever the case may be, online shopping is here today, and I love it. I can now buy new furniture for the house, I can buy gifts for the hubby and my friends, and I can also compare prices and get bargains without having to get out of my chair. This can all be done on my computer, at home, and what a convenience and blessing that is.


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