Is a Childless Life Boring? I Think Not.


When I first got married, people could not stop badgering me about having babies and hearing the pitter-patter of little feet around the house. When years went by and we did not get a visit from the stork, we went to a doctor to ask why. We found out that I could not conceive, that my uterus was abnormally shaped, making it virtually impossible for me to have kids.

Last month, I retired from work. People started asking me what I would do with all my free time. I simply smiled, and laughed inwardly at how close-minded some people can be. I love my friends, and am thankful for their concern, but I do know what to do with the free time I have, and I have been looking forward to retirement to be able to do all of these things whenever I want.

For one, I think travelling is on the list. Not necessarily see the world, but see some places, definitely. Next would be to finally get down to totally redecorating my home. I’ve been looking to redo my living room into a 1920’s inspired room, complete with hand crafted furnishings, and I think this is the right time to get into that. I am also thinking of going back to sewing curtains, sheets, and table runners for my home, and as gifts for friends.

Arts and crafts are also on my list. I am thinking of converting my home office into my she-cave (what, only men can have their own caves?) and indulge in the creation of bracelets, necklaces, bookmarkers, embellished jars, and bejewelled pins. My trusty glue gun, knitting needles, and scissors will see more action in the coming days. Arts and crafts shops will now become my haven.

I am saying all of these to allay the fears that people have of me dying of boredom after retiring since I have no kids to take care of. We have to remember, we have to make our lives as fulfilling as possible, and to take what the one up above has given us with grace and acceptance. I accept that I was never blessed with kids, and that is that. Life goes on, enjoy it. I am.


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