Convenience of Buying Quality Living Room Furniture Online

sofaMy husband has been at my neck to buy a new sofa for our living room, and I admit, I have been dragging my heels about it. Who would want to go to a store selling living room furniture, choose a sofa, lug the heavy piece of furniture home, and drag it into the living room on their own? Sure, we can have it delivered, you say, but this usually comes at an extra cost. The umpteenth time my husband “reminded” me about this, I was on my computer. I then decided to check websites for the kind of sofa we should get.

I came upon this site called TimelessElements and was surprised to see that they sold almost every type of furniture you needed – from children’s furnishings, to bathroom furniture, to furnishings ideal for offices!  I checked on their living room furniture section and they had a sub-category specifically for sofas. Luckily enough, they had the exact sofa I wanted and surprise, surprise! It was at a discounted rate to boot!

Now, anybody buying a sofa would be happy to get a discount on what they are buying, especially if the item in question is a few hundred dollars in cost. Well, imagine my astonishment in finding that not only is the sofa I wanted more than a hundred dollars lower than its original price, but the site also offers free shipping. Now, how is that for really saving money?

Of course, the site is not without its flaws. While I was lucky enough to find what I needed quickly, the selection they had was rather limited (for sofas, anyway). There were also items that did not have pictures on them, which kind-of threw me off since I wanted to see what these were (these were some of the items with more than a hundred dollars in discounts). Other than that, I think the site is rather great since I was able to find what I needed without having to get out of the house.

I also noticed that the site offers not only free shipping, but would you believe that you don’t have to pay sales tax on anything you buy? Any orders made outside of Maryland (except for those in California, sorry guys) do not have any sales tax added to them. With the free shipping, the discounts, and now this, who would not want to make their purchases from this site?

Another thing that caught my attention was their 110% price match or lower price guarantee. Simply tell them that you found the same item on another site that is priced lower than theirs, and they will either match the price or lower it for you. I discovered this guarantee a little too late though, since I already placed my order for the sofa that I found in their living room furniture line-up. You can only qualify for the reduced (or matched) price if you alert them to this before you place your order. I don’t need to worry though since I will be visiting this site again for future purchases, since they do have a lot of items for sale. I’ll just need to make sure that I check prices elsewhere before I click my “add to cart” button, so I can get additional discounts from them.


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