Growing Old and the Conveniences of the Internet

internetMy kids have moved out, I am retired, and these days, if you do not have any of the gadgets that people say help make life easier, you won’t get much done. Gone are the times when shopping simply meant going to the store in a car, and choosing from the merchandise that you see there, and taking these home with you (after paying for it, of course). Gone also are the times when you did not know everything, and was not expected to know everything.

Now, everything is on the internet. All you need to live a comfortable, informed life is a computer and an internet connection.

They say we are in an age of information, and whoever has the information has the power. They also say that we are lucky to be able to experience the convenience of internet shopping, reading the news online, and even finding out about our neighbor’s dog via social media, since our parents never did. Finding out about my neighbor’s dog? I can do without that. The other conveniences however, well, since I am now alone (although my kids do drop by every now and then), I think they are becoming rather indispensible to me.

When I want to buy myself a new rug, I simply search for one online, pay for it, then have it delivered. No need to go out in the cold, to waste gas, to get dressed for the outing, to carry heavy stuff around. Yes, online shopping is probably one of my favorite internet things. I wonder how I ever survived without it in the past.


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